We have a wide range of products from leading manufacturers such as GHD, Schwartzkopf and Dermalogica, all available in-salon. Here are a few of our most popular.

Moroccan Oil

This product has revolutionized the industry. It’s a wearable treatment that is oil based but doesn’t make hair look oily or weight it down. It has many benefits including increasing elasticity, strengthening the hair, adding shine and making hair more manageable. It can also prevent split ends.


The Nioxin System is the number 1 treatment for thinning hair. 70% of users notice thicker and fuller looking hair in just 30 days. Nioxin backs this up with a 30 day guarantee. There are six systems in the range. We’ll recommend what’s best for you after an in-depth consultation.

Sebastian Texturiser

Flexible Bodifying Gel, adds volume by the mass, for a longer lasting style, whether it’s straight, full, curly or messy! a great all rounder.

GHD Styling Iron IV

Stockists of the legendary styling irons that have single handedly revolutionized the way we style our hair!

Schwartzkopf OSIS Session styling

A fantastic range developed for those who want a serious style that holds and lasts. Get beautiful waves from our Salt Spray or Super sleek and shiny with the Silk Shine cream (which also locks out moisture for up to 3 days) we have something you’ll love.

Schwarzkopf Fibre Force

Designed for hair that’s been damaged by chemicals, over coloring or regular use of hot driers or hair irons. Fibre Force helps return hair to its normal state in as little as a few weeks.